Activities for Kids that Help Others

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Kids are spending more time at home since the COVID-19 outbreak, which means parents and caretakers need to find new ways to keep them entertained as well informed of the situation’s seriousness. By doing activities geared towards helping others, parents can entertain their kids while also address the reality of the crisis.

Here is a list of kid-friendly activities that help those in need.

Write letters to the elderly, healthcare workers, and homeless shelters.

While the world practices social distancing, many people might feel lonely, overwhelmed or frightened. Have your kids write or draw encouraging letters to those who may need something to brighten their day.

Kid Friendly Actitivies That Help Others

Help search the kitchen for food bank donation items.

Food insecurity continues to worsen as COVID-19 persists, and many families are flocking to food pantries for their necessities. Find out what your local pantry needs and create a list. Children can use this list as an “Eye Spy” game to find items in their kitchen that they can share with those in need.

St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles has food pantries across Southern California. Help volunteers keep up with the overwhelming demand by donating food and supplies. See locations, hours of operation and needs list here.

Kid Friendly Activities that Help Others


Play educational online games that generate funds to feed families.

Websites like Free Rice, hosted by the World Food Programme, generate funds through educational gaming for kids. The more answers children get correct while playing, the more “rice” or necessities are donated to families in need.

Kid Activities that Help Others

Foster an animal.

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced animal shelters to close, and without enough adoptions, shelters would be forced to euthanize. Now is the time to adopt or foster a shelter animal. Families are spending extra time at home, and children would love to play with a new furry friend. It will also be a great opportunity to exercise responsibility.  

Kid Activities the Help Others