Benefits of Catholic Summer Camp

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Imagine a world where children of all backgrounds can play together in nature, away from electronics and other distractions. Catholic summer camp makes this a reality.

For example, both Catholics and non-Catholics attend St. Vincent de Paul’s Circle V Ranch Camp, and all children develop a more meaningful self-confidence from it. No matter the faith, these camps deepen a child’s connection to nature, their peers and themselves.

Catholic summer camps specialize in this inner growth, but how are they uniquely equipped to make this happen? Here are five reasons.

1. Becoming a Person with and for Others

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is a foundational motto of Catholic life, and camps like Circle V Ranch stresses this. At Circle V, children can be seen helping each other during activities and including those who might be shy. They are encouraged to practice this inclusivity throughout the program and to continue once camp is over.

Catholic Summer Camps
Lunch is served at Circle V Ranch’s Dining Lodge.

2. Nature is valued as God’s Gift

The Bible teaches Catholics to be caretakers of God’s creation, so nature is valued as God’s gift for us to enjoy and protect. Circle V Ranch is nestled in the mountains of Santa Barbara, California where children are surrounded by trees, water and natural life. Camp encourages children to appreciate nature’s simple beauty, but they are also taught to acknowledge nature’s fragility.

3. Counselors Mentor with Empathy

Circle V Ranch counselors are dynamic and patient people. They thrive on being outdoors, and they recognize that children need support and encouragement to be responsible adults. They mentor through empathy to ensure all children feel safe and supported.

Great Catholic Summer Camps
A Circle V counselor helps a camper shoot an arrow.

4. Togetherness is Emphasized

Catholics believe that all humans are made in the image of God, which means that Catholic camps acknowledge the innate value of every child. They bring together children from all walks of life, so the children can learn from each other, play with each other and value each other as equals. Circle V Ranch offers camperships to help families cover the cost of camp, ensuring all children get an opportunity to attend.

Children play in the pooll at Circle V Ranch Camp.
Children play in the pool at Circle V Ranch Camp.

5. With Faith comes Hope

Children who attend might face trouble at school or at home, and attending a Catholic camp offers hope that everything will turn out fine. Camp encourages facing fears and allowing hope to guide children along their way.


Catholic summer camp provides a summer of fun, but it is much more than that. It is a life-changing experience that deepens confidence and appreciation for others and nature.

Interested in sending your child to Circle V Ranch Camp? Click here for more information.

Catholic Summer Camps
Campers and counselors smile outside one of the boys’ cabins at Circle V Ranch.
Campers and counselors smile outside one of the girls' cabins at Circle V Ranch.
Campers and counselors smile outside one of the girls’ cabins at Circle V Ranch.