Budget-Friendly Homeschool Hacks

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Many parents are attempting to homeschool their children now that schools switched to distanced-learning due to COVID-19. See below for inspiration from seasoned homeschool experts and others to help you weather this school year.

1. Morning Reading Baskets 

Inspired by The Middle Way Mom

Parent reads to his two children while lying on the floor

Kickstart your child’s morning by going through a basket of books to ease the mind into a full day of learning. Fill the basket with the following reading material.

  • One book of the child’s choosing that the parent will read aloud
  • One educational book of the parent’s choosing
  • Flashcards
  • Verses from a spiritual or motivational book
  • Easy reader books that the child can read aloud, and if they decline, the parent will read it aloud instead

Find more from The Middle Way Mom on her blog, and find affordable baskets and books at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores in Los Angeles.

2. Integrating Volunteer Work

Small girl plays with puppy

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified homelessness, unemployment, food insecurity, loneliness and more. It is a scary time, but it is also an opportunity to help those in need while teaching your children compassion and altruism. St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles created a list of activities to encourage children to help others. You can read the full blog post here.

  • Write letters to the elderly, healthcare workers, and homeless shelters
  • Help search the kitchen for food bank donation items
  • Play educational online games that generate funds to feed families
  • Foster an animal

3. Creating a Homeschool Room

Inspired by Everyday Learn & Play

Some homes can create a room specifically designated for homeschooling, but that isn’t always the reality for smaller spaces. Everyday Learn & Play posted a blog article that helps parents and guardians create simple yet effective home classrooms perfect for at-home learning. See below for their tips.

  • Start with what you already have
  • Keep curriculum books stores and out of sight
  • Determine what books and items to display
  • Small chalkboard/dry erase board
  • Provide a fish or plant for the child to take responsibility for
  • Create a cart designated for art supplies!

Find more from Everyday Learn & Play on their blog! Need affordable shelves, desks or other furniture items to make your homeschool room a reality? St. Vincent de Paul is the largest thrift store in Los Angeles and can be the one-stop-shop for all your DIY home classroom needs.