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On the evening of April 22, 2020, four-year-old Khloé was watching a news story about a high-schooler who raised money for college by sketching her classmates wearing their graduation regalia and masks- a symbol of the ongoing pandemic. Khloé felt inspired by the story and wanted to do something similar to help those affected by COVID-19.

The next morning, her parents, Trevor and Brenda Leeds woke up to Khloé drawing pictures of students wearing graduation caps and masks in hopes of selling her drawings to raise money to help the homeless.

Creative Fundriasers Inpired by Khloe

Her parents enthusiastically helped her set up a table in their driveway to sell her artwork for “50 Cents each or Best Offer,” and promised to match the money that she made. “The young artist soon learned that there was enhanced value in her sketches, often fetching 1000% of their asking price!” wrote Mark Spawn in the Mesa Verde Living Magazine.

Khloé and her family kindly donated their proceeds to St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles, where our mission is to help the homeless and those in need free of charge.

At four-years-old, Khloé is already a shining example of the Vincentian spirit of love and charity! Her creativity and generosity have already made a difference in the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters and will hopefully inspire others to help those in need.

Are you inspired by Khloé to have your own fundraiser and help us end homelessness? Here are a few creative ideas that you can try today.

Get Active!

Pledge to run, walk, bike or swim any number miles and encourage friends and family to sponsor you per mile. At the end of the fundraiser, you will have donated to a great cause as well as had an amazing workout!

Facebook Fundraisers

Create Facebook fundraisers for birthdays or special occasions and ask friends to donate to the cause as a gift. It is a hassle-free and great way to spread the joy.

Use Donation Bingo Template for Fundraisers!
Download this template to use on your social media!

Donation Bingo

Create a bingo template to post on social media and try to get all the spaces filled! It’s a fun and interactive way to raise funds and awareness of how donations can directly help those in need.


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