Film and TV Rentals

Want to film at our Los Angeles thrift store?

Reality shows, music videos, one-hour TV programs, documentaries, a feature film, and commercials have all filmed at our LA store or used our Humboldt Street lot for parking – or both. We require proof of insurance for production companies, including Workers’ Comp.

Those interested in shooting on our property or renting parking lot space for crew parking and/or video villages should please contact our Deputy Executive Director Susana Santana:

(323) 226-9645

The main room of our LA thrift store:Interior of SVdPLA Thrift Store

Location of our Humboldt Street Parking Lot:
LA TV and Film Rentals

Three photos of our Humbolt Street Parking Lot. The lot is fenced with a lock and gate. Film at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store by LA River

Film at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store by LA RiverFilm at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store by LA River

Your support serves the poor and homeless in SoCal.  St. Vincent de Paul’s LA Council has 2,500 volunteers serving an average of 200,000 disadvantaged people a year with food, clothing, furniture, appliances, rental, bill-paying and other forms of assistance. We also operate food pantries, soup kitchens, a camp for disadvantaged kids and a homeless program for men on Skid Row.

We are a part of the Catholic, international St. Vincent de Paul Society, founded in 1833 in Paris, France, with over a million volunteers in 150 countries around the world, serving the poor of any religion free of charge.