Vincentian Spirituality

Coming closer to God is the first objective of our Society. The primary role of our volunteers is not to provide people with payment of bills, clothing, or food but instead to act out our faith by providing loving and compassionate interest in others.

If this compassionate interest calls for food, clothing or other assistance so be it. It is in loving others where the contact with Christ emerges.


Their contact with Christ is what separates the Society of St. Vincent de Paul from just another social agency. Although our objective is to bring love and peace, when we see our brother or sister suffering, we naturally want to help.

So we collect food and raise funds in order to help and demonstrate the truth of the central message of Christianity to “love one another.”



“One cannot avoid the social issues; precisely because they are formidable God does not want us to turn them aside. We must lay a bold hand on the core of poverty. ”
~Frederic Ozanam, founder of the St. Vincent de Paul Society