You Wish to Start a Conference?

If you’re interested in starting a Society of St. Vincent de Paul conference at your parish, school or community center:

  • Get your pastor’s or executive’s permission.
  • Contact the Council of Los Angeles’ conference department at 323-226-9645 to schedule a recruitment drive.
  • Ask the pastor/executive and others to personally invite prospective members to join.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting for those who expressed an interest in joining. During this short, informal meeting, prospective members will learn what types of work members of a St. Vincent de Paul conference do within their local communities.
  • Elect a president and appoint officers.
  • Meet at least twice each month.
  • Serve your brothers and sisters in need in a spirit of love, with prayer and meditation to feed you.

If you feel called to live the Gospel through service to God’s poor, hungry and lonely, and to do so with love and humility, the Society may be the home for you. Vincentians realize that they are Christ’s hands, in service to Christ’s presence in the guise of those who are in need.

If you are interested in starting a conference, feel free to contact the Council of Los Angeles’ Conference Department at 323-226-9645 or e-mail Susana Santana at