Shelter Supplies Needed Under COVID-19

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Homeless Shelter Supplies are Needed under COVID-19 Pandemic

St. Vincent de Paul’s Cardinal Manning Center provided 15,881 nights of shelter, 25,135 visits from homeless individuals to their drop-in center and 101,518 free meals last year. It is a necessary resource for the homeless community, and it cannot address the added risk of COVID-19 without the necessary resources for sanitation that have become increasingly scarce during this time.

These resources include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap and paper towels. We are accepting donations of these items at our Los Angeles Thrift Store and headquarters located at 210 North Ave. 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031. We have also created an Amazon Wish List for those who would like to donate but do not have the needed items on hand.

Our dedicated and capable staff at the Cardinal Manning Center is taking extra precautions to keep the shelter residents and resource center visitors as safe and healthy as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, but help is always welcome.

Thank you for your support,
St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles

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Homeless Shelter Needs Supplies during Coronavirus Outbreak
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