Thrift Store Fall Decor

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Colder weather is approaching, and unfortunately, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, meaning we will be spending much of the Thanksgiving season indoors. Why not make the inside of our homes a place we would love to spend all this extra time? From small accent pieces to large seasonal ornaments, decorating your home can swaddle your living spaces with the warmth of the Thanksgiving season without breaking the bank, especially when you utilize your local thrift store.

Merchandise at these secondhand treasure troves can vary, but there are items that thrift stores are almost guaranteed to carry and can work wonders as fall seasonal home décor. See the list below for affordable thrift store basics that can transform your home into a cozy autumn wonderland.

Thrift Store Fall Decor

  1. Old Books. Thrift stores are full of vintage books that can be used as-is or upcycled to create one-of-a-kind fall pieces.
  2. Tablecloths. Tablecloths can elevate the Thanksgiving tablescape to fit any personal preference, whether you’re going for an elegant spread or kid-friendly feast. New tablecloths can be pricy and not worth the extra effort, especially if you use them for a small portion of the year. That’s why thrift stores are the perfect place to buy these fabrics. There are countless options to choose from, and they are always less expensive than buying tablecloths brand new.
  3. Picture Frames. Frames are easy crafts for kids and adults, whether they are transformed into wreaths, decorative pieces, or used as a picture frame. Visit our blog to find more DIY ideas for thrifted frames!Thrifted Frame Thanksgiving Decor Ideas
  4. Glass Bottles and Jars. Glass elements can make a simple and inexpensive interior design look professional. It adds sophistication without taking away the coziness of the room.  It can make your space look even homier, especially when paired with fall flowers!
  5. Wicker Baskets. Wicker baskets can bring a classic farmhouse feel to any city home. They are decorative without any upcycling or extra effort and aesthetic as themselves. Fill them with fruit, flowers, cloth napkins, silverware, or anything you want.
  6. Brass and Copper. Thrift stores have beautiful vintage treasures from old-timey candelabras to ornate food trays. Brass and copper provide those classic Thanksgiving hues to set the mood for autumn.
  7. Knit Sweaters. The knit sweater is an incredibly versatile thrift-store staple. You can wear it, of course, but you can also upcycle it into pillowcases, unique lampshade covers, purses, and more. It shares that Thanksgiving warmth to all the elements of your home.

Ready to start decorating? Visit St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores in Los Angeles and Long Beach to bring the Thanksgiving season into your home! Not only that, but your purchase will support homelessness relief and prevention programs to help our community’s most vulnerable.