Tzu Chi Mobile Vision Unit at SVdPLA

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The Tzu Chi Foundation’s Mobile Vision Unit paid a visit to St. Vincent de Paul to offer the community free eye care and prescription glasses on March 6, 2019. Despite the rain, clients were able to be screened comfortably in our LA thrift store before seeing the optometrist in the foundation’s mobile vision unit parked out front.

Tzu Chi Screenings at SVdPLATzu Chi Vision Unit at SVdPLA







A passerby saw the vision unit and asked about the program. After hearing about St. Vincent de Paul’s and Tzu Chi’s partnership he said excitedly, “That’s amazing! I get my glasses from the 99 Cent Store and they don’t work that well. Thank you. Thank you. I’ll definitely make an appointment.”

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Tzu Chi and St. Vincent de Paul