Wisdom from Blessed Rosalie Rendu

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Rosalie Rendu QuotesThe Woman behind the Society

The bloody battles of the French Revolution did not stop Daughter of Charity, Blessed Rosalie Rendu from risking her life to help others. From tending to the children of her orphanage to climbing on barricades to aid wounded soldiers, Rendu’s charitable heart and commitment continue to inspire us. Her work crossed paths with Blessed Frederic Ozanam, and together they fought to alieve the poverty of the French Revolution and lay the foundation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul we know today. Rosalie Rendu is the woman behind the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and today, February 7, we celebrate her feast day.

Rendu Quotes to Live by

Rendu worked selflessly with dedication and heart in service with and for others. Here are five quotes from Rosalie Rendu that can inspire us to live out her charitable spirit.

  • “But be kind and love, for love is your first gift to the poor. They will appreciate your kindness and your love more than all else you bring them.”
  • “Hunt down poverty in order to give humanity its dignity.”
  • “Be a milestone where all those who are tired have the right to lay down their load.”
  • “A Sister will go ten times a day to see those who are sick, and ten times a day you will find God there…”
  • “Never have I prayed so well as in the streets.”


Blessed Rosalie Rendu lived her vocation of charity during the 18th Century, but the fight against poverty continues today. Help us continue her mission by volunteering with or donating to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles.Rosalie Rendu Quotes